Post-divorce: Renew Package

While you’re finding your feet, we’ll renew your energy, trust and faith in the future.

Your transition doesn’t end the day you sign the papers, it takes time to heal and sort your finances after divorce.

Your newfound financial independence can be exciting, scary or a bit of both.

It’s completely understandable if you have trouble adjusting. Just know that with time and support, you will be ok.

This is a time of personal and financial renewal. A chance to start redesigning your life, your way.

Whether you have worked with us prior to your divorce or are reaching out after your financial settlement, our Renew package will help you identify and harness opportunities so you can create a secure financial future for you and your family.

What's included?

For clients who have worked through the five stages of our Restore pre-divorce package, we will continue to build on planning your financial future over three follow-up stages:

Stage 1: Strategy check-in and confirmation

Now that your financial settlement has been finalised, we will revisit the strategy we developed prior to your divorce and adjust accordingly.

Stage 2: A plan for the future

Based on our decades of experience, we provide thoughtful and tailored financial advice that is aligned to your life goals.

Stage 3: Putting your plan into action

With a clear idea of what you’d like to achieve and how we can get you there, we start implementing your plan.

For clients who are engaging us after they have settled their divorce, we will work through the following six stages:

Stage 1: Data collection

We gather all of your financial date.

This includes bank statements, insurance policies, tax notices and budget spreadsheets.

Stage 2: Current position analysis

We analyse your current financial position based on what you own, what you owe, what you earn and what you spend.

This includes understanding any company and trust structures.

Stage 3: Lifestyle planning

You gain a solid understanding of what your life costs now that you’re divorced so you can budget accordingly.

This includes any current and future costs associated with your children.

Stage 4: Goal setting

Together we articulate your purpose, vision and values.

We then align your finances to what you want to achieve, both now and in the future. This will help you gain control of the present and feel more optimistic about the future.

Stage 5: A plan for the future

Based on our decades of experience, we provide thoughtful and tailored financial advice that is aligned to your life goals.

You gain a comprehensive plan to move forward.

Stage 6: Putting your plan into action

With a clear idea of what you’d like to achieve and how we can get you there, we start implementing your plan.

Who is it for?

This package is perfect for people who have finalised their divorce and want to take control of their financial future. It is the ideal follow-on from our Restore pre-divorce package as it ensures you stay on track with your financial goals.

If you have already settled your divorce without our support, that’s ok. We are here to help you adjust to your new normal and redesign your life with financial clarity and confidence.

What’s the process?

1. Connect Call

You book a call with our founder, Aynsley Jurson. If you’re new to our firm, this is a chance to find out if we’re a good fit.


Phone or video consultation


20 minutes



2. Discovery Call

We catch-up for a more in-depth chat about your post-divorce financial situation and the outcomes you’re hoping to achieve by working with us.

By the end of the conversation you will have a good understanding of whether we’re the right firm to support you in reaching your goals.


Video consultation


1.5 hours


$330 plus GST

3. Engagement

We send you an engagement agreement which includes a detailed scope of work, associated costs and notes regarding your current situation and focus areas.

Once you sign the agreement and pay our initial fee, we start working through the stages outlined above.


Face-to-face, phone or video consultation


Tailored to your specific needs


Starting at $3345 plus GST for existing clients and $7995 plus GST for new clients


“I had been separated for 18 months when I first started working with Aynsley.

The financial side of my separation had yet to be dealt with and until then I’d applied the ‘too hard basket’ method. Before I met my husband I was financially independent but over the 15 years we were together, I happily let go of the reins. I never got my head around the way our mortgage was structured and the investments we had made. After my first meeting with Aynsley I was given the gift of better sleep and peace of mind. I no longer feel alone in my financial journey.”

After six months of working with Aynsley, I’m at the pointy end of sorting out my financial future. Aynsley shared her financial wisdom and created a to-do list that actually excited me instead of filling me with dread. I have a clear picture of my budget and cash flow and I almost have my head wrapped around our family finances.

I no longer feel alone in my financial journey and I am confident that all will be well.”

Helen, Melbourne

Each new chapter in your life presents new opportunities. Let’s harness them, together.

You’ve signed your divorce papers and you’ve learned a lot about yourself in the process. Now it’s time to design a post-divorce life that brings you fulfillment and financial security.

Let’s enhance your newfound independence and ensure you make the most of every opportunity.

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