Ongoing support: Rebuild Package

As you embrace your independence, we’ll rebuild your faith and financial security.

When it comes to your finances after divorce, there’s no such thing as ‘set and forget’.

As you continue to grow and evolve as a person, your finances need to be given the care and consideration to do the same.

Our financial advice enables you to regularly review and adjust your financial plan. This means you’ll be able to stay on track in achieving your short and long term goals.

We will be your accountability partners, your expert advisors and your ongoing supporters in building a life that excites and inspires you.

After everything you’ve been through, you deserve it.

Unlocking possibilities through financial empowerment

Imagine having a clear plan for where you’re heading financially and being equipped with the knowledge and support to make it happen.

If you engage Jurson Advisory on an ongoing basis, we’ll be your thinking partners. Your accountability partners. Your financial sounding board. And your future strategists.

Together we will help you:

  • Understand what your life costs and bring some mindfulness and accountability to your spending.
  • Create a practical cash flow plan so you can balance enjoying life and safeguarding your future.
  • Reduce your debt and ensure you aren’t paying any more tax than required.
  • Invest in a way that sits comfortably with your appetite for risk while edging you closer to your goals.
  • Prepare for any expected and unexpected events including job loss, re-partnering, retirement, illness and death.

What's included?

Our ongoing services will be tailored to your specific needs and a proposed scope of work will be sent to you after your Discovery Call. As every situation is different, there can be a big range in requirements and therefore fees.

We will help manage your cash flow, budgeting, tax, superannuation, debt, capital, insurance and asset protection. We can also assist with retirement planning as well as estate and legacy planning.

Your specific requirements may include:

Annual financial health check

A comprehensive review of your financial situation and future goals.

We’ll assess how you’re tracking and readjust our strategy to keep you focused and motivated. You’ll receive a fully customised report that outlines our advice.

Monthly check-ins

Like going on a health kick, accountability is key if you want reach to your financial goals.

Through our monthly check-ins, we will celebrate your successes and steer you back if you start to swerve off course.

Ongoing advice and admin support

If you have something you need to discuss, you don’t need to wait for your monthly check-in.

The Jurson Advisory team will be on hand to offer advice and support when you need it.

Scenario testing

If you’re contemplating different options, we’ll analyse the risks and opportunities so you can pursue the path that is right for you.

By exploring your competing goals and the possible trade-offs, we’ll discover creative solutions you might not have considered before.

Who is it for?

This option is available to any clients who have completed our Renew post-divorce package.

Ongoing support is ideal for anyone who values the peace of mind, security and possibilities that come with sound financial management.

If you’re committed to staying on track, open to advice and driven to enhance your financial safety, we’d love to work with you on an ongoing basis.

What’s the process?

1. Express your interest

As you come to the end of working through the Renew post-divorce package you can chat to us about the benefits of ongoing support. If it’s been a little while since we worked together, please book a call with our founder, Aynsley Jurson

2. Discovery Call

We catch-up for a more in-depth chat about what you’re hoping to achieve through your ongoing work with us.

Based on our knowledge of your financial journey, we can highlight potential strategies we could use moving forward and provide examples of how these have benefitted our other clients.


Video consultation


1.5 hours


$330 plus GST

3. Engagement

We send you an engagement agreement which includes a detailed scope of work and cost as well as our notes regarding your proposed focus areas.

Once you sign the agreement and pay your first monthly fee, we get to work.


Face-to-face, phone or video consultation


Tailored to your specific needs


Starting at $680 plus GST per month for a minimum of 12 months


“The way Aynsley has guided my diminished wealth back to good health has been remarkable.

She has always been available for direct contact, has provided deep explanations and tireless support. If she feels a change in direction is appropriate, her research seems boundless to obtain the best outcome. Not only for financial requirements, but emotional comfort spiced with a bit of humour.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jurson Advisory.

Beth, Gold Coast

You are capable of more than your realise. You just need someone in your corner to help you see it.

Let’s make this new chapter in your life your most fulfilling yet.

You don’t have to make financial decisions on your own. We’ll be right beside you, kicking stress to the kerb and making you smile.

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