Partnering with family lawyers

Collaborating to help clients make confident decisions and achieve good outcomes.

It’s tough seeing clients battle with the emotional upheaval of divorce.

When they come to you seeking legal advice, they are often overwhelmed by the complex and irrevocable financial decisions they need to make.

This uncertainty can lead to settlement delays and even more stress, cost and heartache.

Like you, we want to ease the burden of people going through divorce and help maintain momentum so they can move on with their lives.

While you offer clients expert legal advice, we can help them make smart financial decisions.

By engaging our services, your clients will be able to confidently agree on a financial settlement. And not just any settlement. One that is supported by a comprehensive financial plan aligned to their short and long terms goals.

Confident resolution through professional collaboration.

Our founder, Aynsley Jurson is a collaborative trained financial neutral and one of only a handful Certified Financial Transitionists® in Australia.

Working with us will not only give your clients more clarity and confidence, it will help you stand out as a leader in your field.

If you’re ready to be champion of best practice in family law, give us a call.

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The benefits of working with a financial adviser

Less delays and headaches for you.

We provide your clients with the knowledge to get things done, confidently and on schedule. We also have the know-how to gather comprehensive financial data in a seamless and stress-free way.

Less stress and worry for your clients.

By organising financial decisions in order of urgency, we reduce the sense of overwhelm for your clients. As they feel more in control and less stressed, they become more optimistic and hopeful about the future.

Financial issues are thoughtfully addressed.

We swiftly address your client’s concerns and present them with a range of strategies and outcomes using scenario testing. We go beyond collecting the data to develop comprehensive financial plans aligned to your client’s goals.

Holistic support for you and your clients.

An interdisciplinary collaborative team means your clients will be supported legally, financially and emotionally. And you will have a trusted professional to share the load in an emotionally-charged environment.

Freedom to focus on your area of expertise.

While we deal with the numbers and financially educate your clients, you can focus on what you do best – providing expert legal advice to your clients and achieving outcomes that are in their best interests.

Let’s work together to help your clients through one of life’s toughest transitions.

Ready to make the divorce process more efficient while taking better care of your clients financially and emotionally?

We’d love to work with you.

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