We’re not just wealth managers.

We’re confidence creators, change navigators and future designers.

Our team go beyond the divorce dollars to deliver clarity, confidence and hope.

Work With us

We’re not your stereotypical wealth managers.

Are we experts across all things finance? Yes.
But we don’t just help you manage your money. We help you manage complex change before, during and after divorce.

We do this by combining specialised financial advice with understanding and empathy. Our technical knowledge and trusted guidance ensures you make smart decisions that are aligned to your life goals, both now and in the future.

Our Lead Financial Adviser, Aynsley Jurson, coordinates a team that is tailored to meet your specific needs. The team presents you with real numbers and projected outcomes that are simple to understand and inspire good decisions – for you, your family, your relationships and your future.

As specialists in divorce financial planning, we are the team you want beside you when the stakes are high.

It all started with one woman, a clear vision and the credentials to make it happen.

Jurson Advisory was founded in 2015 by Lead Financial Adviser and Certified Financial Transitionist®, Aynsley Jurson.

After two decades in financial services, Aynsley was inspired to create a new kind of financial planning firm. One that took a more empathetic and holistic approach to guiding clients through divorce.

Aynsley believes that a personal approach doesn’t compromise professionalism, it enhances it. Every expert who works with us and for us shares this values-driven philosophy.

Meet the founder

Why work with us?

Our work is driven by six core values:


We believe that an ending can be a gateway to a great beginning.

By turning chaos and confusion into clarity and confidence, we reignite your hope and help redesign your life.


Our expertise doesn’t come with an ego.

We gain our job satisfaction by genuine human connection and supporting others in times of crisis.


We are a privately-owned firm that always has your best interests at heart.

Through honesty and transparency, we help you make smart decisions that are aligned to short and long term life goals.


We equip you with the knowledge and skills.

We support your need to make confident financial decisions that protect your family’s wellbeing and safeguard long-term relationships.

Exceptional service

We understand that no two divorces are the same and tailor our services to suit your unique circumstances.

We are available when you need us, communicate with respect, and look after you when you need it most.


Our highly-qualified team have decades of experience in financial services as well as qualifications across a variety of disciplines.

We work closely with experts in family law, mediation, real estate, tax and psychology to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome.


“The service Aynsley provides to people who are going through challenging times is invaluable.

She has a unique blend of smarts and is both practical and funny. She also has this rare talent of knowing when to listen and when to use a joke to help put things back into perspective. She has great positive energy – which is definitely needed on those days when you feel it’s all too much. And she doesn’t judge.

If you need a trusted adviser that is smart and who really cares, I would unreservedly recommend her.”

Terri, Melbourne

Worried about making big financial decisions?

Reach out and get a team of experts in your corner. A team that genuinely cares.

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This obligation-free chat will give you a chance to see if we’re the right team to support you through your divorce.

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